IRCTC tatkal booking tips 2016

Railways are the most widely used mode of communication in India. Consequently, there is a lot of rush for getting journey tickets as per choice. Specially, when it comes to booking the tatkal tickets. Within minutes of the opening time for the tatkal, all tickets are purchased. Thus booking the tatkal tickets has also become a task in which expertise is required along with some basic information that highly increases the chances of getting a ticket. Lets take a look on IRCTC tatkal booking tips which may be helpful for you.

For booking tatkal 2016 tickets the following points should be kept in mind-

  1. One should have a decent internet connection. Hi speed internet always provides an upper hand.
  2. Old browsers like internet explorer should be avoided. Google chrome or opera mini should be preferred.
  3. If more than two tickets are required two or more different machines should be used as more than two tickets ate not permitted on one IP address.
  4. If the page does not load and shows a rotating icon for too long then refresh the page.
  5. Do not use the previous method on the payment page as this may cause you to restart the entire process.
  6. Some features that are present at normal times are not available at the tatkal booking page to make the page light and responsive. Do not consider this to be any error regarding the webpage.
  7. Do not stay idle for too long as this may cause the session to expire and you may need to input all data again.


Click here for tatkal booking.


Indian railway websites are loaded with heavy traffic every minutes because lot of users are trying to book at a time for their journey, Board have fastest servers now hence they are responding quickly. But due to high traffic sometimes it staying idle, lot of users are searching for tricks and scripts online for things but they wont work, we hope that above said tips will be help full for you


If the above mentioned methods are adopted then then the ticket booking process will become easy and there is a higher probability that you may get a ticket. Indian railways has always been responsive towards the need of the passengers and efforts are continuously made to provide maximum services to every passenger. IRCTC is not to be blamed if a ticket is not managed despite using the above guidelines.

Happy journey.

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