Download Aadhaar card online just by name at

Lot of persons didn’t received aadhaar card and they may need it due to various reasons like it is asked by the bank, asked for gas subsidy and so on. They can download it from online easily if they have the enrollment number, this number can be found from the receipt which was issued during they taken photo for getting aadhar card. Persons who missed the enrollment number and receipt alternative way is available in online and you don’t need to worry if you don’t have enrollment slip in your hand.


What are the things needed to find Aadhaar card number by name?

It may be the next question which will arise in your mind after reading above paragraph, they are listed as follows.

  1. Full name
  2. Mobile number or email id you gave during joining.

Both are compulsory, even filling above things you may get errors and the possible reasons will be

  • Let we assume that name of the person is David and his father name is raj, then you can enter it in different formats like “David R”, “David” and “David Raj”. If the spelling is correct sure any one format will be matched.
  • You can’t give any strange mobile number or email id, it should match with the detail which you had given initially.

After reading the above details enter into following url and give the datas and enter security code which is displayed in the image, finally click Get OTP.


It will show error even if a single letter is mismatched, also be sure that mobile phone is on your hand, now you will receive the OTP just enter it in the box which is presently individually for it. Finally click verify OTP, now you will receive the Aadhar number on your mobile as SMS.

How to download Card from online?

Now you successfully find out your aadhaar number, but you need to download the card follow the below step to download it.

First go to the official website by clicking here

There Enter Aadhaar card number, full name, Pin code, security code and click OTP like same as above, now you receive the number on mobile, just enter it and click verify and download that’s it the whole procedure of download it just only with name.

Some times Aaadhar card website may not work and struck by displaying “page wait”, if you get this error try again or try after some time.

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