certificate of identity / verification by gazetted officer for PAN card application

Now PAN card is becoming mandatory for the bank accounts if bank account holder wish to perform transaction in higher amount every month, so tax information network (TIN) of india is receiving more numbers of new PAN card applications every day. If anyone want to apply for new PAN number through online, then he must strictly follow all the rules mentioned by PAN authority else his form will be rejected.

Most common reason of rejection of application form of persons who are applying online are they are not attaching the proper identity / Date of birth / address poof document . If a person wish to attach “ration card” Xerox copy for proof of identity then his photo must present in ration card, else his proof will be rejected and he must provide another required proof as soon as possible else his application will be rejected.

What is PAN identity certificate?

It is a form issued by TIN for the persons who don’t have any document for “proof of identity”, so users can use it as identity proof by attaching it in proper way with application form.

Download PAN identity/verification certificate


After downloading the document take a print out of it and fill all the details correctly in each column.  Affix your recent photo in the box specially given for it get seal over it from the prescribed govt officer. Photo you attached in PAN application and verification certificate must look similar. Simply completing the form is not enough, a sign from gazette officer / M.P / M.L.A or municipal councilor is mandatory. Certificate issuer details must be attached in prescribed format, details of the issuer such as his position / department/ identity card number / contact details need to be filled. Easier way of getting attestation is you can get sign from any one of gazette officer.

Who are gazette officers?

Higher level ranked Officers whose name are printed in government gazette are called as gazette officers, list of officers from whom you can get sign easily are government hospital doctors, govt school principals, IAS, IPS, govt engineers, scientists etc, google the query to get detailed list.

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