tamilnadu government guideline value for land / survey number / street – tnreginet.net price details

Tamilnadu government has a website called tnreginet.net in which it gives land values of regions based on various factors to help buyers and sellers. The land values are determined by registration department of tamilnadu. Prices of the lands are revised periodically inorder to show correct market price.

Lands are classified based on what type it belongs to (commercial/residential) then depending upon various factors in commercial and residential type lands it is divided into various classes and based on it values are determined.

How to check the land value:

1. Go to http://www.tnreginet.net/ then from the main menu of website choose “Guideline value” which is present right after the home link.

2. Now select a value in guideline search, after this you will be taken to the desired page, here lot of options are displayed to you for finding out the appropriate region.

3. From left sidebar of opened page names of nine zones will be shown, first choose the correct one from the list.

tnregnet zone

3.1. If you cant able to find in which zone your area come under, just click this link then enter your village or street name and click search. You must enter the details with exact spelling else details will not be shown to you.

tamilnadu land value check


4. After choosing zone, STREET GUIDELINE and SURVEY GUIDELINE options will be shown,

you can directly search particular street name else you can reach it choosing streetwise or category wise. For this you need to select sub registar office of particular area.


If you have survey number then choose this type to sort the results then enter the number and click submit. Now details will be shown to you.

survey number

What will be shown in tnreginet.net land value:

Following details will be displayed for you after choosing the land

1. If you search by street

It will show the general value of land in your street.

2. If you search by survey number, following details of it will be shown

Survey No

Guideline Value / Acre

Guideline Value / Hectare

Land Classification

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