SRM university feekart online fees payment details manual 2016

SRM feekart is the online method to pay the various fees associated with the college. There is a page online which is specially deisgned for this purpose which is working for the students at

To interface with this portal you need to provide your username and password which you obtained from your college. After entering these credentials click login, if your login is successful it will show your name, register number, course and semester details, it is for to verify that your are the right candidate. Also it will display you a welcome message.

srm university fees pay online

In this welcome page after verifying your details go to the top menu and choose “student payment” and choose college fees payment.. now you will get a page where it displays the payment details in which it will show you the total amount and the last date to pay the fees.

Now you in payment process just check in the fees option which you want to pay and agree the terms and conditions of the page and click on pay.

For payment some amount will be added additionally, if you choose credit card and debit card option then 1.45% of total amount will be added to you as service charge and if you choose net banking way 15rs will be deducted so we recommend you to choose internet banking way as it is lower than the other way if wish to page college fees through SRM feekart option.

Then proceed the process in selected way after the successful money transaction you will be redirected to SRM university website from the payment gateway and in your profile page you will get payment success message.

SRM university colleges/other fees pay online Procedure with screenshot


This is the entire process to pay online at If you are paying the fees through SRM campus wifi or LAN then proxy will be enabled on your network so you need to do following steps, procedure about this is clearly given in the SRM feekart manual.

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