apply for marriage certificate online in tamilnadu / chennai – registration form

Registration department tamilnadu has introduced facility to apply for marriage certificate from online, persons who already registered their marriage in sub registrar office are eligible to apply for the certificate, it is a very simple process which is cleanly described below.

tn marriage application

Website to do this work : click here


At first you need to search your marriage details on, for this a search form is provided in the page, there first choose the district and date of registration.

get marriage certificate online in tamilnadu

You don’t need to remember the exact date, because you can select two dates, list of marriages that are registered between these dates will be shown to you.

get marriage certificate online

Next step you need to enter anyone of details like husband name or wife name or date of birth of husband or wife. These are necessary to sort marriage details on database to show the correctly matching marriages. Now click on search.

In the next page you will get a list of husband and wife names which matches to your entered details along with date of registration and area of sub registrar office where they registered their marriage. Now locate your names from the list and click on it to view the full details.

For the requested name following information will be shown

Husband and wife name with date of birth, where they reside at the time of their marriage, married date, date when they registered it in sub registrar office, marriage location and taluk.

Confirm all these details then choose ”Apply for marriage certificate” from the page bottom, now a new secured window will be opened for filling application. It asks your personal informations and Delivery mode of the certificate, you can get it through post and by personal then submit the form and proceed the displayed guidelines.

apply for marriage certificate copy

Note: marriages registered before 2000 and some other years were not available in online for some areas you can get the details regarding this here.

If you wish to get marriage certificate through offline mode visit sub registrar office and complete the process as per their instructions.

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