Caste, residence, income, birth, domicile certificate verification, install kruti dev 010 font

Government of Uttar Pradesh has got its own particular authority site for the confirmation of testaments issued by the state Government. The arrangement of declarations incorporate scholastic and in addition non scholarly authentications. Presently all the organizations and people can check some extremely critical declarations like rank testament, training capability, pay authentication, private declaration. Lately there has been spurt in the utilization of this site Earlier it was long and late methodology to get the certificated checked by the best possible organizations. Presently you need to essentially log on to the site of Board of Revenue  and enter the 11 digit endorsement code on the accompanying connection Till date there is not any significant whine against this framework. In any case, it would be better for all the individuals who are having this sort of endorsement to check the vicinity of their online declaration information.

Main aim of the portal is to publish the details of certificates in online, it receives more positive replies from the users.

How to verify certificates online:

Users are first advised to visit this link, then in the displayed enter your certificate number and click over search icon. If your entered details are correct then it will display the informations recorded for your certificate number. To verify your certificates you need to install kruti dev 010 Hindi font else details will not be displayed in correct manner. 


In above website visitors are able to verify Caste, residence, income, birth, domicile and other certificates online, It is common for all places including kanpur, Varanasi, jaunpur, jaunpur, sultanpur, fatehpur and so on.

How to download kruti dev 010 Hindi font:

You don’t need to go any other websites to download kruti dev 010 Hindi font as it is available in official website itself, after submitting certificate number if displayed details are in unknown format then download this font using the link found at the bottom of the page or click to install kruti dev 010 font, and in downloaded zip file open the k010.TTF and click install thats it, now refresh your page it will be displayed correctly.

Arrangement of Certificate issued Online by Tehsil of UP

Aay Praman Patra , Niwas Praman patra, Pichadi jati praman patra, Anusuchit Jati praman patra , Anusuchit Jan Jati praman Patra, Vimukta jati Praman Patra

In past 11 digit number for each one endorsement check was emulated, however it is currently changed to 12 digit numbers . Insights about the previous coding of 11 Digit Certificated code is clearly given on official website.

UP Official Website:

On the off chance that you have any inquiries/ questions with respect to this , please post your remarks, we will attempt to answer you at the earliest opportunity .

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