how to transfer amount from kvb to other kvb account in Net banking

Karur vysya bank is a private sector bank working in India, it was started in the year 1916, it is shortly called as KVB bank. As of January 2014 KVB bank is giving job for more than 7000 candidates. The bank has more than 550 branches and 1500 ATMS all over in India and number has been increasing every year.

This article is for KVB bank customers who want to transfer fund from a KVB account to another KVB account/other Bank account through internet banking option, it is a simple process so it is easily understandable.

Note: In order to do this, you must have active net banking facility. For activating net banking visit your bank branch or call KVB customer care for the details.

Step 1: go to official website of KVB then select personal banking in internet login and click go. now a new page will be opened there click “continue to login’ button.

kvb netbanking1

Step 2: Now again a secured window will be opened in your browser which asks to provide login id and password, enter it and click go (If you are in an internet cafe it is best to type texts with virtual keyboard)

kvb netbanking 2

Step 3: After successful login, choose Beneficiary Maintenance from left side bar, you have to add a beneficiary account here in order to make a fund transfer to it.

netbanking3.gif copy

Steps for transfer fund from KVB account to another KVB account:

Step 4: In Beneficiary Maintenance page enter nick name of account holder to whom you wish to send money in Beneficiary id and select “Internal” then choose add beneficiary kvb netbanking3.

Step 5: now you need to type following fields


Beneficiary id: nick name

Beneficiary Name: Exact name of the account holder as in passbook.

Account Number: acc number of kvb destination account

Beneficiary Details: purpose such as personal, business etc


Enter all the details correctly and click submit button, I will take nearly about 3 hours to add into account page. Once it is added you are able to send amount to this account.

Step 6: After three hours move to fund transfer > third party transfer.

Now select the recently added account number in beneficiary field, Enter amount and click submit button, Now you will receive OTP on your mobile, enter OTP & transaction password online then click submit button. That’s it process is over now.

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