IRCTC railway retiring room booking procedure/accommodation availability 2014

An Online Booking Facility has been newly introduced for booking the Retiring Rooms in the Railway Stations: Totally 67 Railway stations had got this new facility

A New online Room Booking Facility has been introduced across the India including the railway stations of Chennai, Madurai .Coimbatore, Rameshwaram and in many railway stations. Through this facility the person having the Confirmed Ticket and RAC ticket can book the Rooms for retiring.

So by using this facility  the retiring Rooms in Chennai central, Egmore, Madurai, Amedi, Bhuvaneshwar, Mumbai central can be booked through online. One can book the rooms online in more than 67 railway stations in India. In Central there are Totally 8 Air conditioned rooms are available. The Rent for Normal Room is Rs.825 and the VIP Room is Rs.1393.

A Separate Computer has been kept in the railway stations for booking the Rooms online. The booking can also be done through the website. The Rooms can booked 60 days in Advance. The Rooms can be booked by giving the following details the PNR number of the Confirmed Ticket and RAC Ticket i.e. Seat confirmed Ticket and the details of Starting Place and the destination place.

The Persons having Unreserved Ticket, Railway Pass ,Having other documents along with the Ticket can book the rooms only by 2 days in Advance .The railway stations in Salem, Trichy, Nellai, Ernakulam  and Trivandrum are not having this facility. This had created a negative impact on the Passengers. The Railway Passengers had requested to Include the Online Reservation Facilities on these stations.

How to Book retiring rooms?

retiring room booking

Go to and select “Accommodation link” from top menu, if you move the mouse over Accommodation then it shows options for Hotels, Lounge and railways retiring rooms. There select last link “railways retiring rooms” and now you are asked to provide you PNR.

If you wish to check other accommodations such as hotels, just choose appropriate link, then enter the city name and dates, now of list of hotels for accommodation along with price details and available booking methods will be displayed for you.

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