how to view/get patta chitta details of lands online tamilnadu

Here you can find information about how to find and verify ownership (chitta/patta) details and A – registration details of lands in tamilnadu online. Previously to know government records of lands such as ownership name details we need to go taluk office but now those details are available online.

You may be away from native home or living abroad for work and have own house, land and garden in native. If you wish to check your land document details then it is possible only while arriving to the native place, but now you can easily find it by just sitting in front of the computer.

Those who applied for patta transfer wish to verify whether entries are changed or still old data is remaining, well solution is here.

How to view chitta/patta details online:

What are the details needed:

  1. Village name, district and Taluk name
  2. Survey no and sub division number [ புல எண் & உட்பிரிவு எண் ]
  3. Patta number

After preparing above details please go to following link

Click here to check

Portal is available in both English and Tamil language, choose your comfortable language now you will see following screen shot on your desktop

To see patta/chitta datas select “View Patta / Chitta Extract” Now following screen will be generated

Give all the datas and click submit. After a second if your given data is accurate it will open a new window which shows ownership details, Wetland (நன்செய்) and Dryland (புன்செய்) details of the given patta number.

total Area of your land details will be shown in “hectare – are” unit

For Reference:

1 hectare = 2.47105 acres

1 acre = 40.4685642 Ares

1 are = 1 076.39104 square feet

1 hectare = 107639 square feet

How to verify patta/chitta details:

While viewing patta details using above method you find following tamil texts at the bottom of the page there a reference number shown in blue color as shown follow screen shot.

Copy that reference number. Now go to this link and choose “verify patta” link, now following box will be displayed, there paste your copied reference number.


Now again new window will be opened and document details will be displayed for verification


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