How to check electricity bill amount and status online tamilnadu

Check the details online about how much rupees you need to pay for electricity this month, TNEB website is made online for this purpose. We need to move to different places in order to improve economical strength. If your living place is far from native then it will be difficult for you to reach TNEB office of your native region to know about electricity bill and pay the bill. Then just follow the below procedure to find your electricity bill status in few minutes. In this fast paced world we always wish to make our works quickly and shortly.

Step by step procedure:

Click here to Know status

Step 1: Go to above linked webpage then select “Know your bill status” link as mentioned in following screen shot.

Step 2:  Now you will get a input form with two following questions

1. choose region

2. service number

Both are mandatory fields, for first field 9 options are available just choose the appropriate region.

Step 3: For the next field you need to enter service number. If you knew how to enter the service no, then simply do it and click proceed. Else find it how in below.

Take your previous month current bill receipt, It has a number just below name with below format. First two number represent the region number which is is to be selected in the first field. Then you should enter all remaining numbers in the field two.

Entered  text will look as follow screen shot.


Finally following details will be displayed

  • Account summary
  • Consumer name and number with address details
  • Dues to be paid details
  • Monthly Consumption Charge Collection Details


If you didn’t pay the electricity bill yet then it will be displayed along with total amount and due date details else it will show nil.

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